Day 2 – Mom & Discounts

Posted on Friday April 13

Viking Baker Elf Ken has made it to Texas.

Dear ABC dessert lovers, Dutch and American supporters,

I have met up with a wonderful native guide and escort (a.k.a. Mom) who took me immediately to get TRUE Tex Mex food and insisted that we go to a place called Taco Cabana so she could use a special power she has, called a senior citizen discount. Any Americans reading this can explain this one to those not in the know! Apparently there are numerous places where we can use this discount and some even give you a free drink. My Mother Guide must be present to use this discount and in some cases I have to hide when she does, but she INSISTS on using it so I think I will be dropping her off at many other food places and hiding while she uses this power. Yesterday alone she saved me at least $1.08. Sure I did not eat exactly what I wanted and I had to make sure certain people did not see me sneak food off but these are the ways in this new Land.

As for a few other things I noticed….

I have gone from Nederland, where I am always aware that I am rather short, where I wear XXLarge in clothes, and am one of the few people who smiles, says “hello”, “excuse me”, “sorry” and can never seem to walk fast enough…… To this Texas, America where I am rather on the tall side, apparently here I wear a medium in clothes, and everyone seems to smile at me, wants to know how I am and if they can help me. They also seem to walk at a much slower pace than I have been accustomed. OH and they all seem to stand in these things called lines. I have stood in many of them since my arrival. They are highly effective and I plan to introduce these to Holland.

Finally a food discovery – the OREO BROWNIE! Coming soon to ABC!

More discoveries to come, Tot Ziens, Long live Queen Beatrix


4 Responses to Day 2 – Mom & Discounts

  1. kerryanne says:

    Yay! Enjoy your time. Love that you are so committed to giving daily updates (don’t fail us!) xox

  2. Coffee Company Noordeinde says:

    We miss and can’t wait for the Oreo brownies!!

  3. Alison says:

    Oreo brownies?!!! Yum!!! Have a wonderful time, Ken!


    enjoy and taste!

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