Day 3 – Surviving…

Posted on Saturday April 14

Shhhh it is 4 am. I am a bit confused. I have jet lag, a bit tired and overwhelmed.


One thing that has overwhelmed me is the size of this land. I have gotten lost several times, even my guide, aka MOM, has gotten me lost. Yesterday we both went on an unexpected journey to what I though was only ten minutes away (which seems to be the way distances are measured here, by time, not distance) we quickly realized we had become lost and drove around for about an hour, on at least 6 different major highways. On the bright side I got to see deep in to the South side, east side and west side of San Antonio which was perfect since we started on the northside. Several times I longed for my Dutch Tom Tom…. Everyone out there take a moment and hug your Tom Tom for me.

During the frantic and stressful “highway-lost-and-whose-fault-is-this-LONG-drive” I began to discover a new symptom that has led to my discombobulation and fatigue. Anywhere and everywhere there are signs, big, glowing, flashy, “come and eat me” , “come and buy me” blinking signs. At any given moment I could pull over and have a burger, a coffee, buy gas, get a hunting license, get a milk shake, get my nails done, get more coffee, quickly take car of my taxes, get Chinese food, chicken, win the lottery …. And there were several signs informing me that apparently God loves Texas and that God also loves free enterprise. Not exactly what that means.

Later in the day I attempted to visit a food supply shop called HEB grocery store and felt as though I had entered a giant maze of walls filled with local goods and products. It was so large and confusing with people speeding passed me in electrical grocery cart cars, luckily there seemed to be employees about every 5 feet to guide me through. Or were they following me because they did not trust me? Or they were worried about me? They suspiciously kept smiling at me and asking if I needed their help. I began to panic that perhaps I looked ill. I eventually filled my large cart that could seat 3 people comfortably with my 6 tiny items and checked out and felt odd as this young man carried my one bag to my car. I was not sure what his angle was but I kept an eye on him or if he just was not sure if I was well enough to carry my one bag to the car….. The car …. which I could no longer find. I surveyed the parking lot which which now appeared bigger than most small Dutch towns. the parking lot which is filled with what seems to be the vehicle of choice here… TRUCKS OR SUVS…BIG BIG BIG TRUCKS. LOT’S OF THEM. I had arrived in a rather small vehicle. My new bag carrying guide stayed loyal and supportive as I wondered back and forth insanely. Perhaps I might never leave this parking lot Eventually I found my car hidden between to large tank like vehicles. My guide placed the bag in the car, wished me well and disappeared into the sea of vehicles. I sat in the car a few minutes just to gather myself together.

As for ABC PRODUCTS….I saw some good ingredients to buy there but was too overwhelmed to buy them, but now that I have rested, I think I can venture back and pick some up for the loyal People of Holland.

Explorer Ken and devoted ABC Baker staying strong!

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  1. June says:

    Hahahaha OMG!! I laughed a** off!

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