Happy trails!

Posted on Wednesday April 25

My Dearest Queen Beatrix, the People of Holland and Honorable Customers of ABC,


To the wonderful People, Settlers, Cowboys, Mexicans, Native Americans and dignitaries of Texas,

I have reached the end of my two week ABC EXPEDITION to San Antonio, Texas, America.

I am full. My suitcases are full. My heart is full. My mind is full of memories and recipes. It was a successful expedition.

I have been invited back in November to get more ingredients and celebrate something called Thanksgiving. With a special invite to bring ABC Elf Jur and any other Dutch pilgrims who want to come? Guide Jane, a.k.a. Mom, says ya’ll are invited! Anyone interested?

There is so much I will miss, especially margaritas, ice, chili con queso, big cups, space, right turns on red (for those in the know), corn tortillas, people saying thank you and hello, neighbors waving, strangers smiling, Mom, and something called a siesta. I am a convert to the siesta. I BELIEVE!

See you soon Holland and see you in November Texas! And until then ….

Happy Trails to you until we meet again,
Happy Trails to you keep smilin’ until then.

Your devoted Baker, Fan, Friend, Amigo, and Son

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"We spreken ook gewoon Nederlands, hoor!" Ken & Jur