Pie Info

All of our pies are baked in 9″ pie tins, courtesy of one of our VP-s of Import – Ken’s mom, Mrs. Hardy.Pie Tins

There are many, many pie recipes out there, too many for us to list here. So there is a big chance that your favorite has not made it onto our short list but if you get a craving for that favorite and you don’t have the time or energy to make it yourself please contact us and we will do our best to satisfy that sweet craving.

Since we make everything to order we appreciate a little bit of notice – 48 hours would be nice – it makes for good planning and some awesome treats exactly like you ordered! But we also don’t mind an occasional rush job – just ask us if it can be done.

Our standard 9″ pies serve about 8 people.

We use the highest quality and freshest ingredients and use only organic dairy and eggs whenever possible!

"We spreken ook gewoon Nederlands, hoor!" Ken & Jur