Sorry y’all…

Posted on Monday April 23

Sorry ya’ll (that means you in Texan), back in Holland and to the Americans reading this and the Queen. I got caught up in exploring the land of Texas and eating and shopping. Life is tough here in the frontier land…

But this time I provide pictures of things I think are important, revealing, delicious and a bit crazy.

But before the photos just a few comments about Guide Mom.
She is strong as ever, very opinionated, and has a lot of advice and thoughts about what I need to do, should be doing and things that I never did but she wish I had.
Also she seems to have an endless list of only ONE thing I want you to do.
The coupons still keep piling up.
And finally, if any of you have her phone number and call here please forgive us if we take forever to answer or do not pick up – we only have six phones and they are hard to find.
Douwe Egberts & Tacos in Texas
First off this picture is when I went to a REAL Mexican Taco restaurant and was shocked to see Douwe Egberts coffee being served. It was the best (well sort of) both worlds.
Bumper sticker gone wrong
This photo was a little concerning but I will say MANY of the natives do not think this way. It is best just to laugh about it. Also the car was very dirty and had lots of dents in it!




 Beer & Ice - both are nice
This photo is of a typical Texas joint. I loved it and my jaw dropped when I saw this. My guide Gypsy noticed my shock and said: “I know so many beers to choose from” to which I responded without blinking: “MY GOD look at all that ice, God loves ice.”
God's gift to Texas - Chili con queso
Photo of Chili con queso – get it , eat it, love it – ABC will make this one day!



 Yep, it's a fried pickle
Photo of fried pickles – get it , eat it, loved it – well I did, dammit.

Fast food - Texas style
Look at the menu in this photo carefully – now that is Texas fast food. I had the ‘Dude’ and some jalitos (French fried jalapeƱos.)
The Cup
Photo of a real cup, a proper cup….. now THAT is a cup PLUS free refills PLUS free all you can eat ice!

Okay, I will stop there and I promise to send more tomorrow of my eating – I mean RESEARCH… Good stuff coming back to ABC, Holland and the Queen!

Gotta go – I am thirsty

Explorer Baker Elf Ken

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  1. Amy says:

    The day ya’ll start serving fried pickles and queso dip is the day I quit my job and become a full time ABC groupie :)

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