The (Texan) adventures begin…

Posted on Wednesday April 11

Big news from Ken at American Baking Company…. He has been commissioned by her royal highness (sort of) and the people of Holland to explore the wild mysterious land called America for fourteen days … in particular a place called Texas.

Baker Ken’s mission is to bring back exotic spices, recipes and reports of his interactions with the natives to the people of Nederland. Each day for the next fourteen days there will be a short report from Viking Baker Elf Ken to YOU. Should you choose to follow and if you want a chuckle check in to this blog and spread the word! It should be a hoot if you have read or heard Ken before.


Devoted Baker to the People of Queendom Holland on his way to Texasland

2 Responses to The (Texan) adventures begin…

  1. Henriette and Edwin says:

    Ken, have a nice trip!
    Open your eyes and your nose and taste, as much as possible!
    xHenriette ( French ) and Edwin

  2. kerryanne says:

    We love you!!! Have fun!!!!

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"We spreken ook gewoon Nederlands, hoor!" Ken & Jur