Day 4 – Pledge allegiance, coupons, and drinks.

Posted on Sunday April 15

I am learning sooo much. So so much. The Margarita…. a frozen blended sweet, salty fruit like drink that apparently has alcohol in it and makes you happy. And makes food taste great…. Also makes you a bit hung over so the expedition report might be short.

I was introduced to the Margarita by two local lovely young ladies named Gypsy Pantoja and Hilary Keahey whom picked me up in two very LARGE vehicles. They seemed to have had a few margaritas prior to meeting me. Texans seem to be very happy on Saturdays. They introduced me to some delicious food and asked about Holland. They were very curious. I offered them to come intern with us at ABC and informed them that there is no drinking on the job. They can have some Jenever every once in a while.

Oh coupons. Apparently my head guide aka Mom loves them, not as much as other people but she too looks for them. At any given time it seems the locals carry them in secret stashes in their purses (often very LARGE purses) or wallets. They act as some sort of currency and seem to be all the rage.
US & Texas
Also it appears that it is all the rage to pledge the allegiance to the American flag AND the Texas flag. When asked if I would like to recite it I asked if I could read it first for legal reasons and also informed a small group of older Texans that I pledge the allegiance to human kind. in return I got a few awkward smiles and a moment of confused silence. However I do not think all of them were too upset because one offered me a coupon for a free breakfast taco if I order two just like it.

The food …. Sweet potato fries, pecan pie with vanilla ice cream, red velvet brownies, burgers, chips and queso… Oh Dames and Heren, Queen Beatrix, I have some goodies for you. We shall discuss it over margaritas!

Your loyal taster, and adventurer,

Ken from ABC

3 Responses to Day 4 – Pledge allegiance, coupons, and drinks.

  1. Alison says:

    Oh! I miss margaritas! You should have a couple more for me. If you eat lots of chips and queso that’s bound to soak up some the alcohol. ;)

  2. kerryanne says:

    Oh Ken- like you’ve never had margaritas before! Don’t act so innocent Texas boy! xoxox

  3. Henriette and Edwin says:

    Enjoy, and write a lo..
    We love to read it, we also taste it :-)

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